Ultimate Plus

Ultimate Plus

Masonic Software Ultimate Plus (Mosaic product line) is our flagship product. Containing 66 eBooks with over 17,637 pages, 43 Masonic Tests with over 1,000 questions, 880 Masonic graphics, 85 Masonic screensavers, 20 Masonic crossword puzzles, Masonic fonts, and much more. In addition, the Ultimate Plus includes the Masonic Tracing Board and the Award, Certificate and Record. The value of the Ultimate Plus is unmistakable.

The eBooks were handpicked in order to bring you a diversified Masonic. The tests were developed to increase your knowledge in a short amount of time. The graphics were developed for you to present quality Masonic graphics on correspondence or as a logo on your lodge website. The Masonic Tracing Board is one of the best tools to move your lodge into the digital presentation of Tracing Boards. The Award, Certificate, and Record bridges three tools into one exciting product – create an Awards night, print your own records, and have all the paperwork needed to bring candidates.

Built with value and quality in mind, without exception, this is the "must have" Masonic product of 2008 for the Masonic student, researcher, officer, or those seeking continuing Masonic education.


  • Save several hundred dollars over "printed" books
  • Learn more, faster with the Masonic test
  • Save money: build your graphics, print your Awards and Records
  • Get excited about Masonic research
  • Our Premium Graphics will provide quality Masonic graphics
  • Possess more knowledge than EVER available for the cost

Detailed description of Ultimate Plus features:


Name Author Pages
Bible – Masonic extracts Many 284
Biography and Dictionary Augustus Row, K.T. 293
Brief History AASR Edwin A. Sherman, 33rd 120
Duncan’s Ritual Complete Malcom C. Duncan 295
EA's Handbook J.S.M. Ward 25
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry A.G. Mackey and C.T. McClenachan 1058
Exposition of Genesis John Bunyan 145
FC's Handbook J.S.M. Ward 21
Freemasonry and its Etiquette William Preston and C. Everden 515
Freemasonry at a Glance Reynold E. Blight 66
Freemasonry in The Holy Land Robert Morris 592
Greatness of Soul John Bunyan 109
Higher Degrees J.S. Ward 29
History of Freemasonry Board of (Masonic) Editors 1088
Holy Bible Many 871
House of the Forest of Lebanon John Bunyan 47
Instruction for the Ignorant John Bunyan 32
Lester’s Look to the East Ralph P. Lester 220
Library Of Freemasonry I V.W. Bro. Robert F. Gould 380
Library Of Freemasonry II V.W. Bro. Robert F. Gould 374
Library Of Freemasonry III V.W. Bro. Robert F. Gould 450
Library Of Freemasonry IV V.W. Bro. Robert F. Gould 554
Library Of Freemasonry V V.W. Bro. Robert F. Gould 546
Lodge Goat and Goat Rides James Pettibone 600
Lodge Officer Guide Mickey Ander, PDDGM 56
Lodge Officer Handbook Mickey Ander, PDDGM 74
Lost Keys of Masonry – Legend of HA Manly Hall 125
Lost Word – Its Hidden Meaning George H. Steinmetz 257
Low Twelve PM Edward S. Ellis, A.M. 247
Manual of the Lodge Albert G. Mackey 254
Masonic Antiquities of the Orient M. Wolcott Redding 403
Masonic Catechism None 36
Masonic Forms Mickey Ander, PDDGM 19
Masonic Harp George W. Chase, K.T. 160
Masonic Hymnal Carl Schmuck 29
Masonic Jurisprudence Albert G. Mackey 570
Masonic Monitor PGM George Thornburgh 170
Masonic Offering Rev. J. Perry and P. Donaldson 263
Meaning of Masonry W.L. Wilmshurst 86
MM's Handbook J.S.M. Ward 22
Moral Teachings of Freemasonry J.S.M. Ward 23
Morals and Dogma of The AASR Albert Pike 1090
Mystic Masonry J. D. Buck, M.D., F.T.S., S.R. 32nd 166
Odes of Freemasonry None 72
One Hundred Questions None 72
One Thing is Needful John Bunyan 51
Opinions on Speculative Masonry James C. Odiorne 283
Order of Eastern Star Ritual Published by Authority of the GGC 136
Poetry of Freemasonry Robert Morris 414
Recipe Book Many 30
Regius Manuscript None 22
Robert’s Rule of Order General Henry M. Robert 218
Royal Arch Companion Jackson H. Chase, 33rd 197
Scottish Rite Masonry I J. Blanchard 485
Scottish Rite Masonry II J. Blanchard 553
Scriptural Poems John Bunyan 65
Solomon’s temple spiritualized John Bunyan 88
Symbolism of Freemasonry Albert G. Mackey 364
Symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians PM, 33rd, Dr. Thomas M. Stewart 126
Symbolism of the Three Degrees – EA Oliver Day Street 102
Symbolism of the Three Degrees – FC Oliver Day Street 40
Symbolism of the Three Degrees – MM Oliver Day Street 74
Tactics and Manual for Knights Templar H.B. Grant 488
The Builders J. F. Newton 317
True Principles of Freemasonry Rev. J. Perry and P. Donaldson 374
Worshipful Master's Assistant Robert Macoy 302
    17,637 (Pages)

Tracing Board

The Masonic Tracing Board is the best tool to move your lodge into the digital presentation of Tracing Boards. The Tracing Board includes the Tracing Boards for EA, FC, and MM. In addition, it provides a breakdown of each section. This provides you with multiple ways to teach your students.

We also provide all the material need to build the text with the slide or written explanation to the student. You can add or remove material while working with your slides since our Four of our eBooks are built to work with Microsoft Word (.doc), so. The Manual of the Lodge is an excellent reference material (almost 300 pages of reference material).

The document you will work out of most is the Reflected Rays of Masonic Light. Reflected Rays of Masonic Light was built exactly to work with Tracing Boards. It provides a detailed explanation of each degree along with detailed explanations of the tools, list of Masonic calendars, etc.

115 Microsoft PowerPoint slides in three categories:

  • Tracing Boards - 12 Slides (6 Black and 6 Blue)
  • EA, FC, and MM - Sections 40 Slides (20 Black and 20 Blue)
  • EA, FC, and MM - Color Sections 63 Slides (color)

5 eBooks

  • Reflected Rays of Masonic Light (.doc)
  • EA ritual (.doc)
  • FC ritual (.doc)
  • MM ritual (.doc)
  • Manual of the Lodge (.pdf)

Award, Certificate, and Record

The Award, Certificate, and Record (ACR) is three products in one package. The ACR includes the ability to print awards and certificates, Masonic records, and print degree work boilers for EA, FC, MM, AASR, and YR. The awards and certificates will show the Brothers in your Lodge how much they are appreciated. This product can be the start of your “Awards Night”

With this product, you can also print your own Records. All you have to do is add the name, dates, and lodge seal. If you currently purchase your Lodge records and type them, this will save you time and money. In addition, we also ship the degree work boilers. When a Brother is raised, an entire “package” with the Masonic Record. If you do not present a Masonic Bible, our product is the next best thing.

28 templates (there are a total of 109 templates. Each template ships with at least four print choices: black, blue, red, and purple) in four categories :

  • Masonic
  • General
  • Fun
Masonic Record (Traditional Blue and Black colors only)

8 boilers in five categories:

  • Appreciation
  • Excellence
  • Training
  • Outstanding Service
  • Meritorious Achievement

5 Degree work boilers in three categories:

  • EA, FC, and MM
  • York Rite Record
  • AASR Record


There are over 1000 questions in 43 multiple choice, true/false, and matching tests (no more than 25 questions per test). Our tests include all study and reference material so you do not have to purchase anything extra. Our study and reference material works with you to ensure your success. You don’t have to track down which answer go with which question, each question is clearly referenced.

We also provide tests that you can’t “guess.” Each question will be at a different location each time you take the test, and the correct answer of each test moves location as well. After completing the test, you can perform a “missed question auto-review,” print a detailed report on the correct and missed questions, amount of time to completion, percentage correct, and much more.

Types of Questions:

  • Historical Traditional Biblical, and Philosophical
  • catechism
  • EA FC MM
  • Masonic Knowledge

Premium Graphics

Our premium graphics are a set of graphics that you can color, resize, and change. You are in control and not limited by what someone else thinks you should have. If you want a graphic for correspondence with an odd blue color, you can build it. If you want to use that same graphic on a lodge website, you can do that as well. In addition, you can increase the size of the graphic to use on a t-shirt. We also include an instruction manual and RGB (color) list to help you pick the correct colors for your project.

Our premium graphics will change how you use Masonic graphics. Our testers wanted three things from our graphics: quality, choice and ease of use. That is what we delivered.

Over 310 graphics in four sections:

  • Blue House - All the graphics of EA, FC, and MM
  • Square and Compasses - EA, FC, MM, and Past Master
  • Eastern Star - All the seats of the Eastern Star included
  • Other Houses - All houses for Scottish and York Rites

Web Graphics

Over 480 Masonic graphics and pictures to use on your website or in correspondence in four categories:

  • Animation
  • Blue House
  • Square and Compassess
  • Other Houses


Over 80 banners to use with your website along with instructions explaining how to build banners for your website.

Masonic Screensavers

Over 85 quality Masonic Screensavers in four sections:

  • Master Mason
  • OES
  • Scottish Rite
  • York Rite

Masonic Fonts

Two Masonic Fonts:

  • Masonic graphic font
  • Masonic writing font

Masonic Font

Word Search Puzzles

20 word puzzles with solutions:

  • Over 480 Masonic words and terms used
  • Words and terms can be found in the Masonic Encyclopedia
  • This is a fun way to increase your Masonic knowledge

3rd party software

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to read your eBooks
  • Paint.net to work with graphics

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • At least 2 GB of free hard drive space