Masonic Board Game

Board Game

Masonic Board Game is an excellent Masonic educational tool. Developed specifically for the Blue House, the Masonic Board Game is a fun and exciting way to learn or teach about Freemasonry.

The board game is made of quality materials, all cards feel firm and the board is very solid.

Masonic Board Game uses:

  • Further your Masonic knowledge
  • Raise interest for all Brothers to Masonic study
  • "Game board night" at your house or lodge
  • Masonic knowledge "competitions"
  • Use the Game Board as a "decorative" item
  • Great raffle item, promotional or other special lodge event

Detailed description of Masonic Board Game features:

Masonic Board Game Size (inches):

  • 20 x 14 (fold board game for storage: 10 x 14)
  • The Masonic Board Game is a very nice size for a game board.

Masonic Board Game Contains

  • One Die
  • Four Game Pieces
  • One Game Board
  • 400 Game question Cards (with 1000 questions)
  • Instructions for play with 2 to 4 players or groups (group play is a lot of fun!!!)
  • Over 1000 Masonic questions and answers
  • Game Box and cards wrapped in plastic from the factory

Pictures of the board, die, game piece, cards, and box

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