Assistant Secretary Database

Assistant Secretary 5.0 BoxWelcome to the Assistant Secretary Database program (AS). The AS is a computer program for the lodge secretary, treasure, and other members (District Deputies, etc.) to keep track of membership, visitors, widows, multiple lodges, financials, dues, inventory, send letters, lodge minutes, events, and much more. You can implement the AS to replace or augment your current paper-based membership tracking.

We include a help manual, along with help videos so you will never feel lost. If you do happen to head North, we offer top-quality free support.

Assistant Secretary Masonic Database
version 5 is temporarily FREE

A detailed description of the features in the Assistant Secretary are listed below.

Download process:

Download all files from here: Download

In this folder there are six downloads:

  1. Assistant Secretary License Issue - this allows you to create codes to use the program. Without downloading and using this program, you won't be able to use the Assistant Secretary but 20 times.
  2. Manuals - help manuals for the program.
  3. Assistant Secretary Setup - main program to download and install.
  4. Videos - Can download or watch on youtube via the links below.
  5. Files - Various files described below.
  6. Test files - Various test files described below.

Please read the manual or quick start guide before starting work in the Assistant Secretary. The Assistant Secretary does require initial setup before you add members.

To access the database once you download:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Product install  

Product Size
Assistant Secretary 5.0 196 MB

Help Manuals

Product Size
Quick Start Guide 1 MB
Help Manual 1 MB


Product Size
Blank database (restore) 1 MB
Import file 1 MB
Lodge Handouts 1 MB
Upgrade Ver 4 to Ver 5 1 MB


Video Size You Tube
Setup 29 MB Watch
Contacts 39 MB Watch
Accounting 13 MB Watch
Letters 30 MB Watch
Reports 31 MB Watch
Inventory 8 MB Watch
Import 15 MB Watch
Upgrade 42 MB Watch

Test Files (from the videos)

Here are the test files we used to produce the videos.  You can use these files to learn more about the database and to test the different functions. 

  • Using the test database, you can quickly import a "Lodge" of 100 members and visitors. 
  • The import Excel file has 100 members and visitors. 
  • You can use the dues boiler to understand how to create your own letter in Micrsoft Word and copy into the Assistant Secretary. 
Product Size
Test Database (test version) 20 MB
Import File (test version) 1 MB
Finished Letter (from letter video) 1 MB
Dues Boiler (from letter video) 1 MB


The Assistant Secretary Masonic Database is packed with the features you need. As a matter of fact, many of the features were requested by Brothers just like you.


Keep track of members, visitors, widows, and non-members/vendors. Specifically for members, you can input their contact information, lodge information (seat/office, membership status, etc.), petition information, affiliations, dates and degrees, committees, and much more.


Keep track of all money flowing into and out of the lodge.  We have a very handy dues feature that allows you to assign dues to large groups in a matter of minutes.  In addition, at the end of the year, the program will automatically calculate arrears and assign dues for the coming year.  You can add bank accounts or "cash" accounts. 

Letters and Lodge Minutes:

The Letters feature allows you to create letters for members, visitors, widows, and non members.  This might be one member or all members in a group or an entire lodge.  You can create dues letters (will automatically show the arrears, current dues, and balance) and other important letters.  You can export the letters to PDF or Microsoft Word.  You can also save letters as boilers so you can use them in the future.

You can also use the letters feature to create boilers for your minutes.


Standard Reports:  We created several reports that you can run very quickly. Our standard reports allow you to report on all items in the database.  In addition, it provides several features, including: birthday lists, label printing, profit and loss for the lodge, dues amounts, etc. 

Report Designer: Our report designer is a great tool for you to build reports in a short period of time.  If you wanted to quickly lists all lodge members and their email addresses, you can do that in about two minutes (and export into Excel). 


The inventory module allows Brothers to provide a checkout system for the lodge (lodge library) or help keep track of items in the lodge.  In addition, it can help keep track of the cost of items when new, and the purchase date. 

Lodge Handout:

The Lodge Handout is used by the Secretary to input members into the database.  The Secretary can print the Lodge Handout and provide to members or email (Lodge Handout is in Microsoft Excel).  If emailed, the Lodge members can return to the Secretary so the Secretary can easily import the members into the database.  It is definitely crucial when you first start working with the database (can save countless time since no items must be retyped).

3rd party software

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Computer Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10